Choosing something to do/make/see for the 2020 #100dayproject loomed over my head for weeks, smirking at my dithering and subsequent inaction. In 2019 I took 100 photos with my “big” camera instead of the smartphone permanently attached to my hand.

Capturing rain
Capturing reflections of light
Capturing flow

It was fun, but taking photos again seemed like a cop out to creativity. And with the current state of the at-home world, taking photos inside doesn’t have the same appeal. I go for short walks to maintain sanity, but it’s not the kind of meander where you can stand and ponder a view for a while.

Then I thought about this space, how empty it is, how I pick it up and drop it down at the slightest whiff of Eau de Work. Time to apply a habit to it.

Tomorrow starts the #100day project. For the next 100 days I’ll post a photo and words. We’ll see where we’re at on July 15.

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