Mileposts Revisited: Discomfort

I wonder if I told the full truth yesterday when I wrote about not revisiting my photos. Part of the equation is not dwelling on the past, that’s definite. But maybe I also don’t look because it would mean I have to decide what to do with over 11,000 images in my Google Photos folder.  OK, OK. It’s 12K but some are also designs I made for social media accounts I maintain for work.

I share 1 out of every 20-30 photos I take on social media — with a personal limit of 3 in 24 hours. (That happens about once a year.)  Honestly, I could share 10 a day and not even make a dent in the stock.  Some are good, some are getting better. 

Perhaps I’m overwhelmed: with that many photos how do I truly examine each one?  Even with the nifty sorting and facial recognition at my disposal?  Great.  Now there’s one more thing to sort and conquer along with the tote bags and boxes.

The last three years, I made photo calendars as Christmas gifts.  Every single recipient loved them.  Some started noting on Instagram which photo they wanted to see in the next calendar.   I’ve considered mailing people and asking which category of calendar they’d like: landscape, seascape, downtown Frederick, flowers.  But then I tuck the idea away in a trusty tote bag and put it in the closet.

The universe may have other ideas.  In the last 24 hours one pal asked what I’d charge if she bought a calendar to give as her own gift.  Another pal said Frederick post cards are nowhere to be found, my photos would fill that void.  

More ideas.  This time, I wrote them down and kept the paper out in the open to hold myself accountable.

Maybe it’s time to acknowledge the discomfort of putting myself forward, mock up some calendars and post cards.  Approach some local shops. Figure out a place to sell things on line.  Step back and see what else I’m supposed to do.

Then get out of my own way and do it.

Post 7.

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