An addendum to the first story

My sister-in-law read the first story and sent me an email saying the image of a deer beating me about the head and neck with spindly extremities made her laugh out loud.  Which only proves the point that being eaten by a bear would bring more honor from the grieving relatives.

I politely refrained from writing in my response that she was sipping wine as she read, no wonder she laughed.

But I digress:  She also tweaked my take on the early morning driveway stand down with a doe (which sadly hasn’t had enough time to ferment into a legend about how I took on a four-point buck with my bare hands and a newspaper).  Maybe the deer was just sending me a message that I needed to take action.  Could just be that the deer was my spirit animal.

Fortunately, I’d had two glasses of wine at dinner so I was receptive to the thought.

According to my SIL’s mother, when a deer appears it is a reminder from the universe/God to be kind to yourself. ( SIL’s note to me: Yes, that means ignoring the inner voice of doubt!)  Native Americans believe deer guide you to a destination or action.

I did a little Googling of the idea and found that the Celts thought deer could cross over to the faerie realm and had magical powers.  The Greeks equated deer with Artemis.  To the Chinese the deer is a symbol of abundance.  Now I’m not sure we’ve got faeries in the woods behind the house, but I do know that a google search can take you into many, many fanciful realms.

But the idea that it wasn’t just a stare down with a displaced animal and instead was a  sign from the larger universe to move ahead and be kind to myself appealed to me on many different levels.  One site suggested adding a deer to your meditation and as you walked with it deeper into the forest you’d actually be going deeper into your soul.  I have enough trouble keeping my mind from making grocery lists when I meditate, so deer hikes will take a little time. I tucked my new knowledge away and went to bed.  Maybe I’d just keep an eye out for what happens next.

I’m back in training mode for the OBX Half Marathon in November.  This would be my third consecutive race at the beach and I’m determined to go into this one with healthy knees and a steady pace.  So I’ve gone back to 30-minute walk/runs twice a week and longer runs on the weekend.

Yesterday was a glorious morning to run — in Laura’s book.  It was cloudy and cool with no hint of sun peeking through the cloud cover.  My hands were cold!  This hasn’t happened in months and made me so, so very happy.  I tweaked my route and ran it in the opposite direction than I had two days earlier.

I usually look at the middle distance in front of me, concentrating on the leaves and twigs strewn all over the path after some recent downpours. My mind wanders, I enjoy just being outside and moving.  Then at one point I just had to look over to the right.  No particular reason, just had to look.

There was a deer, up to it’s neck in the bushes, eating leaves off a tree.  It stopped pulling at the branches and looked straight at me until I went past.

Hmmmmm.  Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something — even if it’s only that I should have my camera with me at all times to document these moments.  In any case, I emailed my SIL, mainly to say she could be right.  But I would have to meditate on it a little more.


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  1. First, Laura, I love your SIL’s sense of humor and her imagination. And I love the Deer spirit your working with around your creative process. I love how you gathered the information to add texture to the spiritual nature of deer. Keep writing. I love where you’re going.

    1. Thank you Deb! Now that I’ve seen her twice, I’m fairly sure the deer will make it harder the next time. Will have to meditate on this. 🙂

  2. LOL! I think I would enjoy having a drink with your SIL. Gotta love how that girls mind works.

    It is a roll and you are on it so just keep moving like you are in your half-marathon training. The words will come in their own time and the need to pursue them will out weigh the need for perfection. Remember that it is in our imperfection we are most vulnerable and most honest with ourselves and the world around us.

    Thank you for not listening to the doubt in your head and deciding to follow that darn deer into the woods. It’s going to be a beautiful run I think…

    1. I figured it was time my SIL learned that being part of the family means she’s fair game, story fodder for me. After all, she did prod me further down the path.

  3. I enjoy your stories, Laura. Did you ever hear the one about the deer waiting in the Nightingale’s back yard for Evan to be born???? Talk to your cuz, Ellen 🙂

  4. Laura…
    Growing up in a big family then marrying into an even bigger one, I knew one thing was for sure….family = fair “game” fodder!

    It was no surprise to me that this deer appeared because of what I believed already but also after reading your post.

    Aren’t you glad that such a beautiful, elegant and graceful creature has become your spirit animal? or, at least I think so. Again, no surprise to me — out of all the animals, that doe should be your guide/journey companion. She complements your sensibilities so well.

    Imagine this why don’t you…. You and Miss Deer sitting and sipping tea or a well-crafted margarita, discussing the next post….with her long and slender (not spindly!) legs crossed very lady-like. All this after you have applied Sephora-supplied mascara to her lengthy lashes and stealthily woven a beautiful scarf around her neck.

    I love a writer who can make me laugh AND dig deeper into my (wine-infused) brain and soul…all at the same time.

    I’ll close with this, my dear SIL, isn’t it good that it was a deer that found you vs. a donkey?! Oh boy, if that was the case, we’d all be going nowhere right now!

    Keep writing…but most of all, keep your eyes and heart open for Miss Deer!

    Come to CT soon… I need to see a deer!

    1. Kara,

      I like the image of doing makeup and managing scarves with my deer. I still need to get over my instinctive negative reaction to brown though…

      SO glad it wasn’t a donkey. For a variety of reasons.

      <3 Laura

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