A visual story about messengers

I find that when the universe doesn’t like my response to a message (see deer/spirit guide story) it likes to nudge me along.  So when I stalled on my promise to myself to take action and be kinder to myself, the universe sent reinforcements:

photo (52)


Yes, a spirit guide party, right in my very own backyard.

Message received.  Honestly, I’m afraid NOT to take some action because there could be 20 the next time I look.

8 Replies to “A visual story about messengers”

  1. Yes, I would say the message is loud and clear. It speaks to your heart and your soul which are unclouded by all that your mind and senses are experiencing. Change is good, but all change takes you away from your center a bit. I love the dear guides. They are such noble creatures. Thank you for sharing this lovely story, Laura.

    1. Deb,

      I think this is a story that will take a while to tell itself. But if I pay attention, it should be a good one.

      xo Laura

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