The next step

I’m working on a longer story right now.  But these are words that have propelled me for weeks.

Beach road, right in front of me

There is no sure thing.  I can only ask this:
What are you ignoring?
What are you resisting?
What part of your life have you locked out and sealed shut?
And I’m not talking about something invisible and unspeakable.  Just take a look at what is right in front of you — the obvious and unavoidable — and step foot there.  All that is ever required of us is that we lift one foot and place it in front of the other.

Karen Maezen Miller,
Paradise in Plain Sight: Lessons from a Zen Garden


10 Replies to “The next step”

    1. I took a photo of a sandy path today to remind me that the way may not always be clear, the path remains.


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