Mileposts Revived


A while back, for 100 weeks, I wrote a Thursday post I titled Mileposts in the Distance.  One hundred little slices of a life featuring crossroads, empty nests, half-marathons, family, dying swans and stashes of makeup.  Why did I stop? At the time I’d convinced myself there was little left to say without repeating myself.

A good joke that, from a person who retells stories at the drop of the hat.

The itch to create strengthened over the past year.  But in order to create, you must show up on a routine basis.  

I’ve blown back the cobwebs, resuscitated Mileposts (at least on Thursdays) and taken back this space. No plans other than to show up here on a very regular basis and talk about what’s on my mind.

In small bits of narrative.  

Post 1.

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