11/9 Walking and Words: Wet


A rainy morning for a walk in Frederick.  A bit of a rough go for a repaired knee, but out the door I went on what’s become a preferred route of sorts: down an alley to the creek then winding my way to the park and the looping around back to home.

I’m not sure when the route will become habit.  Old brick sidewalks don’t lend themselves to an unconscious walk — I have to constantly look down to make certain of sure footing. The practice of these daily walks has an integral element of being absolutely present — despite nattering body parts.  Because if I’m not fully aware of where I’m going and where the next step goes, I’m likely to step in a way that send pain up the right leg.

I spend so much time looking down I can feel my shoulders closing in over my heart head lowered to look at what’s at my feet.  When I look at my photos, so many of them remind me to look up.


Adding to this week’s practice is finding a balance between the all the way up and the all the way down to find that middle.

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