11/9 Walking and Words: one is easier than the other

Week one of this little experiment of movement and creation is on the books.  I get up and out at meet my 9 am goal for a walk, then I find that the rest of the day falls into place.  Well, full disclosure: after an extremely busy Friday and Saturday (16,000+ steps each day), I decided two short walks would be the extent of Sunday’s movement, totals be damned.  (It was a respectable 7500.)

My mind isn’t responding to the command to write nearly as well.  I’ve dutifully sat down, pecked out words and let the story figure itself out.  Right now, I’m not giving over to the showing up, I seem to want to direct and control exactly where the words will take me.  Should the words be funny?  Wise?  A slice of life?  A philosophical slant to something that happened on the walk?

For week two, the goal is to show up and begin.  And will see where I end up.

Photos, though, are not a problem.  Today was the first truly cold morning with frost on the park grasses and mists on the water.  And then there was the reflection of early light that set this photo on fire.wpid-wp-1447107526920.jpeg

A fine start to the week.

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