11/5 Walking and words: Gray

While today ended up summery and gorgeous, it started out like the best kind of November day: gray with a bit of a chill.  With a list of about 694 Things To Do do between now and Sunday, I went out for a fast walk.   It was a Left Brain approved walk: 3 miles at a 16+ minute pace.

And the Right Brain was very pleased by this picture (“isn’t that blue amazing?” she gushed):


The triumph was that I put the shoes on and went out the door instead of letting Item 431 get in the way.  The second triumph is that I didn’t let a tricky Item 503 get in the way of sitting down to write this afternoon.

Because in my world later usually ends up three months from now when the List of Things to Do has approached 1000 and I realize I never went out the door.  But out the door I went and for now that’s enough to count this day as a good one.

And the list was smaller by two Very Important Items: walking and words.





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